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Key Level Descriptions

  • (B) Two to five years of experience in identified as basic
  • (I) Six to 10 years of experience in identified as intermediate
  • (A) 10 years plus of experience is identified as advanced
  • (E) Executive level sessions
Number Session Level Track

June 9, 10:30am - 11:45am

600 NTSB Technical Session
601 Culture Trumps Everything: So, Career Advancement = Connecting the Dots E Business Skills & Personal Development
602 Retirement - Are You Ready? I,A Business Skills & Personal Development
603 Safety Culture & Safety Climate in Construction: Bridging Research & Practice B Construction / Mining, Executive
604 Psychophysical and Demographic Changes Require Rethinking Ergonomics Strategies A Ergonomics
605 "Look Up - The Roof's On Fire" I Fire Protection
606 Integrated Approaches to Wellness in the Workplace: Workers' Compensation Impact I Healthcare / Wellness
607 Help the "Bulletproof" Employee Make the Connection I Human Behavior / Hospitality
608 10 Ways to Leverage Safety Collaboration with Occupational Health Professionals I Industrial Hygiene / Health
609 International Perspectives on Safety Management - 2 Part Session International
610 Flash Fire Risk Assessments for the Upstream O&G Industry using API RP 99 I Oil & Gas
611 OSHA's General Duty Clause: A Guide to Enforcement and Legal Defenses B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
612 OSHA Construction Update, Standards, Enforcement and Outreach Initiatives B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
613 DUST EXPLOSIONS - The Nature of the Problem & Practical Measures for Its Control I Emergency Management / Security, Risk Assessment
614 Mechanics of Your Mod - The Five W's A Risk Management / Insurance
615 Managing the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) - Case Study A Risk Management / Insurance
616 One Corporation's Global System for Driving Sustainable Safety Risk Management I Executive, Safety Management
617 The Great Swindles, Scams and Myths In Safety E Safety Management
618 A Healthier Workforce Makes for a Safer Workplace E Safety Management
619 Fall Prevention vs. Fall Protection: A New Safety Category I Technical / Engineering / Standards
620 OSHA's PSM Standard: Achieving Compliance and Avoiding Pitfalls I Technical / Engineering / Standards
621 How to Become a Safety Training Ninja I Training / Education
622 The Humor in Safety, From Blah Blah Blah to Ha Ha AH HA I Training / Education
623 Save Your Fleet & Avoid Costly Losses Through Implementation of ANSI/ASSE Z15.1 I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Transportation
624 Key Issue Roundtable: Short-Service Workers (Focus on Temporary and Seasonal Employees) Key Issue Roundtables
625 Key Issue Roundtable: Safety Implications of Chemical Disinfectants in Healthcare Environment / Hazardous Material, Key Issue Roundtables
626 Real-time Site Monitoring for Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Technical / Engineering / Standards

June 9, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

630 Persuasion Power - How to Get It, Keep It, Use It E Business Skills & Personal Development
631 Using Near Miss Reporting to Enhance Safety Performance in Construction B Construction / Mining
632 A Strategy for Reducing Construction Fatalities I Construction / Mining
633 Dial 911 For Permit Required Confined Space Rescue A Emergency Management / Security
634 Putting the 'E' in EHS - Environmental A-Z, from Permitting to Compliance B Environment / Hazardous Material
635 Safety & Health in the Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services I Fire Protection
636 Ventilation Surveys - What You Are Missing Can Hurt You I Industrial Hygiene / Health
637 Incident Management as a Cornerstone for a Successful Safety Culture E Executive, International
638 OSHA Recordkeeping and Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting Requirements I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
639 OSHA Activities in the Oil Patch I Oil & Gas, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
640 Right-Sizing Your Risk Assessment Approach for Efficiency & Effectiveness I Risk Assessment
641 Workers' Compensation Premiums: Can You REALLY Control These Costs? I Risk Management / Insurance
642 Golf Carts/Utility Vehicles - They Are Not Just For Golf Anymore I Risk Management / Insurance
643 Organizational Leadership and Safety... Bridging the Gap E Executive, Safety Management
644 Hispanic Workers' Safety: Looking at the Big Picture B Safety Management
645 Shattering Myths: The New Face of Fatigue Management I Human Behavior / Hospitality, Safety Management
646 Green Beans & Ice Cream: A New Frontier Lies Beyond Zero Injuries I Safety Management
647 Implementing NFPA 70E for Arc Flash Safety I Technical / Engineering / Standards
648 Next Generation Fall Arrestors & Lifelines I Technical / Engineering / Standards
649 A Review of the Top 10 Mobile Apps for the Safety Professional I Technical / Engineering / Standards
650 Image-Based Safety Training B Training / Education
651 Don't Wait for an Intervention: Use CSA "SMC" - to ID Opportunities A Transportation
652 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health B Fundamentals
653 Key Issue Roundtable: Decreasing the Relevance of OSHA-Driven Metrics Key Issue Roundtables
654 Key Issue Roundtable: Successful Integration of Occupational and Non-Occupational Wellness Efforts: Successes Shared and Lessons Learned Healthcare / Wellness, Key Issue Roundtables
655 Standardizing Pre-Placement Physical Exam to Reduce OSHA Recordability A Industrial Hygiene / Health, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector

June 9, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

660 Advancing HSE Professionals in Business I Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
661 Safety – Not Good Enough A Business Skills & Personal Development
662 Safety Culture, Green Construction and a Multi-ethnic Workforce: A Case Study B Construction / Mining
663 What Industrial Contractors Need to Know About MSHA Before Work at a Mine Site I Construction / Mining
664 Ergonomics Strategies for Healthcare Workers B Ergonomics
665 JHAs: It's All in the Details B Healthcare / Wellness
666 Building Safety Commitment B Human Behavior
667 Don't Forget About Fit – What You Need to Know About Respirator Fit-testing A Industrial Hygiene / Health
668 I Have to Know and Do What? Considerations for International Practice I International
669 Social Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement: An International Perspective A Oil & Gas
670 Combustible Dust - What You Need to Know About It I Fire Protection, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
671 Using Big Data to Predict and Prevent Serious Injuries & Fatalities I Risk Assessment
672 Achieving Business Excellence Through Risk Management: Idea or Execution A Risk Management / Insurance
673 Falls and the Aging Population - Solutions for the Property Owner & Risk Manager I Risk Management / Insurance
674 Aligning Safety Leadership Through the Use of Scenarios A Safety Management
675 The New Safety Strategy: Stop Preventing Accidents and Start Adding Value E Safety Management
676 Leadership for Today's Problems A Safety Management
677 Briefing Your Boardroom on EH&S E Executive, Safety Management
678 Practical Leadership for Sustainable Business: Health and Safety Management A Sustainability
679 The Technological Journey: One Company's Experience I Technical / Engineering / Standards
680 Sliding Resistance of Ballasted Anchorages for Active Fall Protection Systems A Technical / Engineering / Standards
681 135 Trainer Tips and Tricks! I Training / Education
682 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection B Fire Protection, Fundamentals
683 Key Issue Roundtable: Emergency Management Environment / Hazardous Material, Key Issue Roundtables
684 Key Issue Roundtable: Risk Management and Risk Assessment II - What are You Doing to Move the Profession Forward? Key Issue Roundtables
685 Implementing the Hazard Communication Standard Final Rule: Lessons Learned I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector