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  Executive Program in Safety Management

Align safety with your organizational goals, increase the success of your safety management system and develop clear communication with management. Take the seminars individually or complete all of them towards achievement of the Executive Program in Safety Management Certificate.

Executive Program

Safety professionals from different industries and specialties confront real-world concepts and challenges. Whether targeting consumers, employees or the environment, safety performance excellence arises from a well-developed safety management system and clear communication with management. Designed to maximize safety system performance, this program will help you improve the performance of your safety management effort, develop loss reduction strategies and align safety with the business goals of your organization.

Improve your ability to:

  • Assess the performance of your safety management effort
  • Determine the most appropriate safety management system for your organization
  • Develop loss reduction strategies to address risks that impact your organization
  • Better manage the business aspects of your operation
  • Influence safety culture

The Certificate from the Executive Program in Safety Management may be taken to complete the Certificate in the Executive Program in Safety Management or each seminar can be studied independently as continuing education. To receive the certificate participants must successfully complete three required seminars and electives that together total 7.5 CEUs in a period of five years.


121 Reducing Losses from Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures

2 days | June 4 - 5 | 1.4 CEUs

Reduce the incidence of occupational illness by understanding the relationship between environmental issues and the overall safety and health system.

Learn to:
  • Implement practical approaches for reducing the incidence of occupational illness
  • Identify the most common environmental concerns and consider possible solutions
  • Recognize environmental issues and how they relate to the overall safety and health system
    • Risk Assessment Process
    • Process Safety Management
    • Waste Management
  • Employ and manage ergonomics
  • Manage major losses

321 Delivering a High-Performance Safety Management System

2 days | June 6 - 7 | 1.4 CEUs

Designed to assess the effectiveness of your system, this seminar evaluates methods and enables you to continuously measure your safety management efforts.

  • Evaluate safety management approaches, techniques and performance
    • Human behavior
    • Zero incidents
    • Six Sigma
    • International system standards
    • VPP as a model
    • Critical management activities
    • Managing safety for profit
    • Return on investment
  • Integrating safety management in the management process
  • Demonstrate system effectiveness by measuring and interpreting results
  • Develop leading indicators, corporate-wide standards and international system standards
  • Implement safety design standards for new processes, equipment and systems

834 Managing the Business Aspects of Safety

3 days | June 11 - 13 | 2.1 CEUs

Practice techniques that will enhance your ability to manage the business aspects of your safety effort and effectively communicate the results.

  • Demonstrate business communications, ethics, legal liability and contract language
  • Develop strategic plans and statistical analysis
  • Align safety with the business aspects of your organization
    • Financial management
    • Insurance and claims management
    • Human resource management
    • Risk management
    • Crisis management
    • Corporate security
  • Develop corporate systems for training, education and resource information
  • Interface with other areas of your organization that can support your efforts