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  Certificate in Safety Management

Share challenges, craft solutions, and implement the necessary skills to be successful in positioning safety in your organization by participating in the Certificate in Safety Management. Seminars can be taken individually or towards the certificate.


Learn the fundamental concepts and process to implement the right safety management program for your organization. Completion of this certificate is an opportunity for career development, training and recognition.


235 Corporate Safety Management

3 days | June 5 - 7 | 2.1 CEUs

Corporate Safety Management provides a forum to share challenges, craft solutions, and implement the necessary skills to be successful in positioning safety in your organization.

  • Design your safety management system to support business objectives
  • Influence and obtain management support for your safety efforts
  • Demonstrate business acumen and negotiation skills
  • Achieve work habits necessary for more effective safety management
  • Adjust safety efforts in response to corporate mergers, downsizing, rightsizing, and reorganizing
  • Benchmark your organization’s safety and health system

234 Safety Management l

3 days | June 5 - 7 | 2.1 CEUs

Through examples, case studies and other resources, take away a framework for an effective safety management system. Safety Management l provides a foundation of fundamental elements and techniques for managing an effective safety system.

  • Establish accountability for safety efforts
  • Implement proven system elements and strategy
  • Satisfy the moral, financial and legal responsibilities
  • Develop policy statements and performance standards to assist the management team fulfill its safety responsibilities
  • Control Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Create a budget for your safety efforts

821 Safety Management ll

2 days | June 11 - 12 | 1.4 CEUs

Review case studies to learn measurement techniques with recommendations for imple­mentation. Take this seminar as a continuation of Safety Management l or for strengthening an existing safety management system. Bring a copy of your current safety policy and rules.

  • Conduct an effective safety audit
  • Analyze the ethics of safety-related matters
  • Fulfill the expanded safety role and the expectation of your organization
  • Implement strategic safety efforts that will impact the system
  • Reinforce safety behavior in your organization